• Cars must be American made, 1963 and older to qualify to race on Friday night and all day Saturday - no modern cars, no newer muscle cars, no euro sports cars, no Volkswagons, etc. This weekend is focused on early American drag racing.
  • We are running 1/8 MILE RACES on the dragstrip.
  • Your car must pass tech inspection in order to race.  That means good tires, no loose pieces on car, no fluid leaks or any other safety issues.
  • Seatbelts and helmets are are required for ALL cars and racers - we want everyone to be safe.
  • To race in elimination races, you must return to the staging lanes after time trials and we will mark your dial-in time and class on your windshield.
  • During elimination rounds, racers will line up within each class and face off by dial-in time.
  • Your dial-in time is set by your fastest pass during time trials, no sandbagging and brakes at the top end - run as fast as you can, this is a race!


  • To test and tune on Friday night $10 cash per car is paid at tech inspection on Friday night.
  • To race on Saturday an additional $10 cash per car is paid at tech inspection. This money goes back into the winning purse for each class.
  • Want a another shot? Optional $10 buyback after a first round loss.


Your racing class is determined by the time you are running on the track during time trials. 
We are running 1/8 MILE RACES on the dragstrip.  The ET intervals reflect the 1/8 MILE distance for the races.

Class (LC)

10 secs and slower. 
Full bodied stock cars and slower stuff. Built for comfort.

Class (ST)

8 - 9.99 secs
These are your hot street cars.

Class (CC)

6.51 - 7.99 secs
Class for purpose built race cars.

Super Comp
Class (SC)

6.50 and faster
The quickest stuff on the track - super fast race cars.

Vintage Engine Class (VE)

Qualifying cars may choose to run in this class against each other - must have engine designed before 1954. A mix of Flatheads, Inline 6/8's, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Dodge/Desoto/Chrysler wedge and Hemi's, Y Block Fords. Looking for vintage mills that aren't Small Block Chevys.

  photo by   George Brainard

photo by George Brainard